Firefox is out. Chrome is the only solution.

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Firefox is out. Chrome is the only solution.

Post  2write on Wed Oct 10, 2012 3:16 am

Finally got fed up of Firefox.

This was a recent update to version 15.0.1

The damn browser took up a gigabyte of memory and still opened tabs and webpages at over 30 seconds. Also the browser kept hanging and I would have to leave the laptop untouched for 2 minutes for the memory problems to sort itself out.

Downloaded and installed Google Chrome. This is SPEED! Its as if I got an upgrade on my broadband connection and laptop memory at the same time for FREE!

I recommend Chrome over the new Firefox version which was forcefully installed without giving me a choice of maintaining the old Firefox version. Damn retards killed their own killer product. Firefox R.I.P.

Best Wishes,

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