Nothing is sacred. Idiot reveals all on Freemasonry.

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Nothing is sacred. Idiot reveals all on Freemasonry.

Post  2write on Sat Sep 01, 2012 5:47 am

Nothing is sacred anymore. After the Australian infidel Robert Lomas who was the inspiration for Dan Brown's character Robert Langdon, a new retard emerges.

Dr. Duke Savage has made public all rituals of not just Freemasonry but other more vulnerable institutions such as Druids, Knights of Zion and Knights Templar.

In the name of research and history these bastards have betrayed the oaths they had taken at a sacred altar. This academic excuse is nothing but a lousy cop out to make money by making publicly available the most ancient of traditions, the most sacred of faiths and the most reliable brotherhood of mankind.

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Secret Societies Unmasked: Rituals and Organistion of Freemasons, Knights Templar. Druids, Odd Fellows, Woodmen, Shriners, et al
by Dr. Duke Savage

All Rituals and Passwords and Passgrips of Freemasons disclosed in this top secret document they don’t want you to see
From 1st Degree to the 33rd Degree – all Masonic Temple Rituals
Scottish Rite, York Rite, American Vs. British Masonic Rituals, Knights Templar, Woodmen, Shriners, DeMolay, all Orders & Constitutions
Learn about many other Secret Societies around the world such as
Odd Fellows, Vikings, Knights of Zion, Stonecutters, Druids, Red Indian Chieftans, Egyptian Orders, Arab Constitutions.

Length: 5555 pages

Rolling Eyes affraid confused Shocked

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