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Facebook copies LinkedIn Empty Facebook copies LinkedIn

Post  2write on Mon Dec 24, 2012 11:23 am

Facebook tests paid messages to strangers

(CNN) -- How much would you pay to contact a stranger? Facebook is sprucing up its messaging system, and the most interesting change is a move to charge people to send a message to someone outside their network.
Most important messages go straight to your inbox on Facebook. But there's a second class of messages, including potential spam and notes from people not in your network, that the site's algorithms deem "less relevant."
These unlucky missives are dropped in the little-known "Other" folder, where they will often spend the remainder of their digital existence unseen, unread and unloved.

LinkedIn has been charging hundreds of dollars for membership to contact STRANGERS. Facebook is only asking for $One per message. Its a pay-per-use thing.

I think Facebook has a winner with this idea. It might just kill the STUPID linkedin network which is useless and plain ugly.


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