JCVD : Jean-Claude Van Damme

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JCVD : Jean-Claude Van Damme

Post  2write on Mon Aug 13, 2012 12:59 pm

Jean-Claude Van Damme

No, he ain't dead. No, he ain't broke. He is back and he is in fighting form.

Has anyone seen the movie titled "JCVD". Its a fiction film where Van Damme plays a down and out superstar losing everything he had achieved. Kind of biographical? You have no idea.

Listen to his confession in the movie. Time Magazine said it deserved an Oscar nod.

And the man, the self-made and self-destructing man - is BACK on a big-budget adventure.

Van Damme is back in Hollywood in The Expendables 2 as the lead Villain - a hand-to-hand raw fight against Sylvester Stallone in the climax.

I have followed him long and saw him struggle to stand up again when he continued making direct-to-DVD movies which sold very well on his official website - bought by fans and friends.

At 50 he is still kicking and training
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The Official Trailer of JCVD
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Guardian newspaper Interview recently:
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Hope for him, fight for him, pray for him, I am with him.

Best Wishes,
Ujjwal Dey
Bomb-aye, INDIA.

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